Image from the EMD2024 2024 (European Maritime Day 2024) held in the city of Svendborg, Denmark, on May 30-31, 2024, capturing the ATLANTIS partner standing in front of all dissemination materials from ATLANTIS & NERITES project.

NERITES in the European Maritime Day (EMD) Svendborg, Denmark | 30-31 May 2024

The NERITES project was present at the European Maritime Day (EMD), organized from 30 to 31 May 2024, in Svendborg, Denmark by the European Commission, the Municipality of Svendborg and the Danish Maritime Authority. EMD is the annual two-day event during which Europe’s maritime community meets to network, discuss and outline joint action on maritime affairs, the marine environment and a sustainable blue economy. The event includes talks, sessions and workshops organized by stakeholders and the European Commission and is aimed at professionals from business, government, public organizations, NGOs and academia, as well as EU citizens with an interest in the sea.

The project was represented by ATLANTIS Consulting, which participated as an exhibitor at EMD 2024 with its own stand (no. 20) and is particularly aware of issues related to culture and blue technologies. Visitors to the stand had the opportunity to be informed through communication material, such as brochures and flyers on the main scope and activities of the NERITES project, which aims to create and use an autonomous platform for remote monitoring and at the same time non-destructive chemical analysis of underwater archaeological sites, using advanced methods. Thus, the user who will be in a remote monitoring position on land will be able to periodically manage the duration of the mission and the general overview of the entire system status based on visual analytical mechanisms in real time.

The main objective of the project’s participation in EMD 2024 was to enhance visibility and promote the establishment of a multi-stakeholder NERITES community. During the exhibition, various thematic workshops and B2B meetings were held where ATLANTIS Consulting and NERITES were attended. 

We are grateful to the EMD organizing committee for their warm welcome and support, to our potential collaborators and valued stakeholders who visited our stand.