2nd NERITES meeting- Calabria July 2024-partners photo

The 2nd project meeting for the NERITES consortium in Calabria, Italy.

The 2nd meeting of the NERITES project was successfully completed at the facilities of the University of Calabria (UNICAL) between 4th and 5th of July 2024. This meeting was a significant milestone for the project, bringing together partners to present the progress achieved so far. The meeting was hybrid, with project partners participating both in person and virtually, and planning the project’s steps and activities.

During the presentations, the partners highlighted the significant developments and achievements of the project so far, while the ensuing discussions were particularly constructive, with partners exchanging views and concerns. The presentations included detailed reports on scientific and technological achievements, as well as the future challenges expected to be faced, laying the groundwork for the next steps.

During the meeting hosted at the Department of Mechanical Energy and Management Engineering (DiMEG) of the University of Calabria, a special tour of the department’s laboratories was conducted under the guidance of Prof. Fabio Bruno. During this tour, the results of previous projects were presented, including a live demonstration of two underwater ROVs & AUVs. Participants had the opportunity to observe the equipment and methodology of a robotic system in operation within a small pool, showcasing the innovative capabilities and applications of underwater robotics.

This meeting at the University of Calabria not only confirmed the progress of the NERITES project, but also strengthened the relationships and collaboration among the partners. With the dedication and commitment of all participants, the project is well on track to achieve its goals and provide significant benefits to the scientific community and society.