ESI will play a key role in the technical coordination of NERITES alongside CERTH. ESI’s contributions will encompass various aspects, including the development of the data management plan and the definition of use cases. Additionally, ESI will be contributing for establishing the requirements and specifications for autonomous platforms, the control center, and in-situ sensing and imaging.

ESI’s primary focus will be on the design and development of the anchored buoy and the docking station, which will facilitate both power supply and data transfer between the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) and the onshore control station. ESI will collaborate with GT on the manufacturing of the docking station and with ALPES and UULM for the design and production of the QCL sensor’s underwater pressure housing.

Furthermore, ESI will oversee the integration of all systems and subsystems onto the buoy and conduct preliminary dry tests, including communication with the onshore control station. During demonstration trials, our priority will be to ensure seamless cooperation among all platforms and to verify that all data and power requirements are successfully met.