Systematic autonomous remote surveying of underwater cultural heritage monuments and artifacts using non-destructive, cost-effective and transportable digital solutions

Duration in months

The NERITES project focuses its efforts on Underwater Cultural Heritage monuments and artifacts’ assessment, operating at a very challenging environment when compared to most in-land cases. 

The NERITES technologies comprise a set of multidisciplinary scientific and engineering approaches combining beyond state of art components and methodologies, aiming at reducing OPEX and CAPEX in Underwater Cultural Heritage surveying missions, and improving state-of-preservation and degradation assessment accuracy. 

Remote measurements and autonomous monitoring of Underwater Cultural Heritage sites, including buildings, monuments and artifacts.

Improved accuracy in assessing the state-of-preservation and degradation of Underwater Cultural Heritage assets.

Alerting for a variety of conditions of the Underwater Cultural Heritage allowing the time effective intervention.

Cost effective solution with decreased implementation risk for humans (divers).

Transition to greener solutions aligned with EU’s and UN’s policies.

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