ATLANTIS Consulting is a private firm (est. 1992), composed of highly skilled employees (engineers, economists, IT and science & technology experts). The company has experience in the management and implementation of national/international projects in the fields of sustainable tourism valorisation of underwater archaeology, designing and testing of underwater technologies, ICT research, innovation policy, investment readiness, innovative financing (e.g. Business Angels Networks), evaluation and impact assessments for public and private organizations et al. ATLANTIS has significant experience from projects aiming at promotion of culture, “blue” technologies and the exploitation of the underwater wealth (cultural and natural) for the benefit of the European economy. In recent years, ATLANTIS by coordinating or participating in Greek and European/MED projects (i.e. DiveSafe, BLUEMED, BLUEMED PLUS, UCRCA, MAGNA, BCThubs-see section C2.6) have contributed to tangible achievements such as:

* The characterization as accessible ancient wrecks of the Greek seas (currently about ten including four in Alonissos and three in the western Pagasitikos), which contributed to the growth of maritime tourism in these areas.

* The development of technologies which support the exploitation of the underwater heritage (and natural) wealth of the MED, such as digitization for the creation of 3D models of reconstruction underwater archaeological sites, the use of new technologies for the recording of marine archaeological sites, the use of new technologies for recording archaeological research, virtual (VR/AR), augmented tours, virtual diving applications, open marine archaeological research workshops, etc.

* Submission of proposals for the operation of the accessibility of underwater archaeological sites at a national level through their integration in EU/National funding programs, in Regional Operational Plans, etc.

* Promotion, at local and international level, of the principle that the protection of the underwater archaeological heritage presupposes the touristic development and awareness creation primarily for the benefit of the local communities and always having as a basis the principles of sustainable development.

*Signing of MoUs local stakeholders, for further collaboration for the protection and promotion οf UCH Sites.