Korseai is an institute of historical and archaeological research that consists of maritime archaeologists, commercial divers, conservators, engineers, photographers, topographers, etc. The main area of its action is the island of Fournoi, where since 2015 an underwater archeological research is underway. The first four years of this research have resulted in the discovery of 58 wrecks around the island of Fournoi and its surrounding islets. Since 2020 the underwater archaeological excavation of a Byzantine wreck has been conducted. The institute has participated in the DiveSafe EU project and has always been collaborating with the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities of the Greek Ministry of Culture, for the promotion of the UCH of the Fournoi Archipelago and the maritime archaeology of the Aegean and East Mediterranean Sea in general. 

In NERITES, Korseai Institute  is one of the two beneficiaries that will provide the field for the implementation of the pilot testing of the monitoring scheme to underwater sites, either to shipwrecks or a wide anchorage site that are located in Fournoi. As such, the Institute will define the necessary requirements and specifications in order for the developed technology to meet the right level for monument survey in terms of UCH protection. This will include mission planning through standards and parameters such as the kind of UCH where the trials will be implemented, specific environmental/climate data, tests duration, participants etc. KORSEAI Institute is responsible for the planning of all validation/demonstration activities at Fournoi pilot site, including individual actions, prerequisites, assigned timeframes, and dependencies.