ALPES LASERS was co-founded in 1998 by one of the inventors of the Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL), Prof. Jérôme Faist. It was the first company to commercialize Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) in 2001. 

ALPES LASERS main products include QCL Distributed feedback (QCL DFB) devices, broadly-tuneable external cavity quantum cascade lasers (EC-QCL), as well as high-power QCL QCL devices, with an average power of >1W and over 9W of peak power (HP-QCL). 

In the NERITES project, ALPES will be responsible for developing novel mid-IR laser sources to be used in the IR spectroscopic sensor for the detection of pollutants underwater. ALPES will develop the mid-IR quantum cascade lasers to be used in the water quality sensor system as well as the driving electronics for the laser devices, to be integrated with any 3rd party components. Finally, ALPES will collaborate with other partners as required in order to ensure the successful integration of its systems on the AUV platform and buoy for performing underwater measurement campaigns.

In addition, ALPES is leading the Work Package responsible for the definition of the operational requirements and specifications of all NERITES technologies. The requirements for in situ sensing and imaging will be evaluated in terms of dimensions, weight, connections, and power requirements. Requirements regarding the operational capacity and restrictions of the AUV/ROV platform will also be identified as part of the same Work Package, led by ALPES.